Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Big Apple VBS is over...

Well, a week long vacation bible school is officially over. Rosie and I enjoyed working with the children in grades 1-5 during our craft section. It was tough at times, there were many children, tough crafts, lots of paint and glue everywhere, but overall....IT WAS A GREAT WEEK!

Our crafts this week included: 

Day 1: Big Apple Stress ball to remind the children when they get stressed about things they should have FAITH that Jesus will be there for them always to help them.

Day 2:I love(heart) Jesus bookmark to remind the kids that we should LOVE Jesus the way he loves us.

Day 3: Pillowcases with tall skyscrapers outlined in paint. We had the kids write TRUST in the skyline and draw stars. This helped the kids to remember that they can Trust Jesus just as Nicodemus trusted Jesus one evening.

Day 4: Apple Coasters to remind the kids that the Samaritan woman went to the well to see Jesus and show her love for him. Every time the kids drink water and use the coaster they will think of Jesus at the well.

Day 5: Taxi Cab Tic-Tac-Toe Game to remind the kids to make connections with others and share their faith with them.

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