Construction Zone Birthday Party
I made two homemade cakes for Luke's construction cakes. I made a tasty chocolate cake and a yellow cake. I knew the chocolate cake was going to be great when I made the batter! When I mixed it up, it has the texture of whipped chocolate pudding. YUM! 

March 30, 2011 Birthday Cake for Grant 

I made another Italian Creme Cake. The only fault with it this time was that I tried to make my OWN powdered sugar and it didn't blend down as finely as it would have been packaged, so the icing was a little gritty. The flavor was still good though! 

I never put much thought into making cakes until my husband decided he wanted me to make his birthday cake---with LAYERS. So, I've played around with cakes ever since. Grant's are not very creative looking, but they do take ME time to make because I've never really made the traditional "grandma" cake. I say "grandma" because mostly older ladies make these cakes. BUT, I'm getting better. 

Grant's 2010 Birthday Cake Request 

Grant told me he wanted an Italian Cream Cake for his birthday. I told him I thought this was odd since he doesn't like coconut, but I went the safe route and took the coconut out. Good thing I did because the only person who would've eaten it would've been his mother. Anyway, it had 6 layers! I couldn't believe how well I'd done. It even tasted AWESOME. I'm not sure what he wants this year, but I'm sure it'll challenge me as well. 

Luke's 2nd Birthday Cake (2010)
Luke saw me looking at cakes for his 2nd birthday last year and really liked the dinosaur cakes. So, he set the theme for his birthday. I found several wonderful links to help me make a cake for him. Grant suggested that I do dollops of icing to give it a more finished look because I was trying to spread the icing and it didn't look consistent at all. I AM STILL LEARNING! The spikes of the dinosaur are fondant that I bought at Wal-Mart, rolled out, and cut. Next time I'll probably try to make marshmallow fondant. We'll see.