Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sugar lower yesterday than past 3 weeks!

Well, on my quest to lower my blood sugar numbers and eat less processed foods I was somewhat successful yesterday afternoon. I decided to eat an apple and peanut butter sandwich with raisins. I figured it would make my sugar go up because of all the natural sugars, but I was wrong....VERY WRONG. Roughly two hours after eating lunch my sugar dropped to 65. Now, 65 is not a terrible number but it isn't a great number either. It is too low; especially for someone who has not been less than 70 in no telling how long! It made me feel TERRIBLE. I was shaking and nautious. And honestly, it took a while for it to come back up one it hit me. I do not reccommend getting sugar that low! I probably needed more protein.

For dinner last night we grilled chicken breasts without the bone and fresh corn. I roasted new potatoes in some of our dried herbs (thyme and rosemary), and I steamed fresh green beans that we got out of our garden. I also cut up a side of fresh tomatoes and it was delicious. The first tomato out of my garden this year! It was a pretty plate and had I remembered to take my medicine after dinner like I normally do my sugar wouldn't have gotten as high as 172 like it did before I remembered to take my medicine! Oh well...live and learn. It is very difficult to remember to take 3 different medicines at 3 different times a day. I am learning. I want my sugar under control!

 I forgot to put the corn on my plate before taking a photo! 

And what was my fasting sugar this morning?? 117! That is the BEST it has been since over a month ago when it started to go up again. I'm happy with 117, but it could be better....I had it to 109 before that. So, less processed foods are doing me a good bit better!

We are taking this one step and one less processed food at a time. 

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