Diabetes & Real Food

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in December of 2011. I was SHOCKED because I had zero warning signs which included a glucose tolerance test in May of 2011 that stated I was still hypoglycemic. I was hypoglycemic, or one with low blood sugar, for 10 years. Now all of a sudden I am diabetic and must watch EVERYTHING I eat! I am struggling to find foods that will work with my sudden onset diabetes. I was taking only one medication to control my diabetes and losing TONS of weight, changing my diet, and trying to exercise. Then, in May 2012, my sugars spiked AGAIN, and I have to take two additional medications to help me use the TINY amounts of insulin my body makes, and one to help my pancreas increase the amount of insulin it produces. Needless to say, my diet, exercise, and medications aren't enough for my pancreas.

So, this summer I am on a quest to figure out EXACTLY what foods I can and can not eat. I have lost over 40 pounds since December and I plan to get an elliptical machine to increase my muscle tone and give me some additional exercise. I know this won't be enough. SO....I'm going to try eating LESS processed foods. This is going to be incredibly hard in our overly processed food society. Especially in my house where my family LOVES things which are highly processed.

I never would have thought about doing the real food diets until I came across "100 Days of Read Food" where Lisa Leake shows how to eat real food without being vegetarian. I'm not ready to go down that route. I need easy recipes and friendly meals that are non-processed and made for a real family. My family is built of boys and a man who LOVE red meat and FOOD. They are not going to go into this willingly if I tell them we are going organic and no more processed foods. They would probably try to commit me to the crazy house!

So, this will be my journey (while slowing gaining my family's acceptance) into TRYING the real food way. I'm not going to lie, we aren't going to TOTALLY eliminate processed foods, but I will probably be taking away most of them. I am going to combine Lisa Leake's recipes with some of my own and we are going to give this journey a go, but we are going to do it with a diabetic mainframe since there are many carbs that I must watch.

I hope you enjoy and are possibly even inspired to do the same! 

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