Sunday, May 27, 2012

Real Food?

I came across a website/blog this week that a mother wrote to tell her experiences of living with non processed foods for 100 days. Well, her 100 days is up and she is still going at it. Apparently, processed foods don't keep us full very long...duh! But they are so much more convenient and cheaper by far. However, I am intrigued.

Why am I intrigued you might ask? Because my blood sugars are crazy and my doctor has added two more pills to my daily routine. I know take 3 pills a day to control by blood sugar and they say my pancreas is rapidly losing function. So, I'm willing to try anything at this point. If it will make me feel full longer, I say "Why Not?!" I have lost 40 some odd pounds since November 2011. I walk around during work and afterwards more than most people. But diet and exercise aren't cutting it.

So, here is to TRYING this whole non processed food, AKA "Real Food" diet. I am going to take baby steps though because my family may not really like this approach. But with it being summer, I might get away with it!

I have looked through my cabinets and I need to really clean house, but I do not want to be wasteful. The author of "100 Days of Real Food" says to start out slow. I'm going to incorporate her menu plans but also try to use up what I do have in my house as well. I will plan not to buy anything that isn't considered a real food, but I have to use up what is left in my house at some point. We have changed our diets a LOT since my diabetes diagnosis, but there are still some interesting things in my cabinets.

So, how did I start our day? Well, Lisa Leake says to drink only "water, milk, tea, or coffee". Today, I started by using only MILK and HONEY in my coffee...different! I went out and bought half-and-half to try instead of milk...I will stick with the honey though for now. Just can't overdo it with my diabetes.

I will continue to update as we go along this summer. Should be interesting to try life with less processed foods. I'm kind of excited!

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