Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well, I'll be taking a break to Florida this weekend.

Lovely Alligator Point near Panacea, FL

I really can't wait to go. I'm leaving work behind and only going to focus on LUKE, READING, & CROCHETING. I'm not great at crocheting, but I'm going to get on You Tube (again) and relearn how to do a granny square. I'm almost thinking I need to make a bunch of granny squares, then link them altogether. Is that possible? I'm sure it is and I intend to find out. Once my squares get a certain size they really start going LOPSIDED, SLANTED, CROOKED.........whatever you want to call it! LOL!

Look at this link to You Tube to see how to crochet your own Granny Square!

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  1. Woot! I should relearn to crochet, but honestly I haven't crochet'd in YEARS, probably since we learned from Granny lol. I may try give my hands something to do. =)