Saturday, March 5, 2011


This is my first post EVER on a blog of my own. I'm new at this and will be drowning in this at first, but I love to read blogs, so now I'm going to try one of my own. 

I get most of my inspiration from the web. If I have an idea I want to try, well......I look on the internet. For instance, Luke's birthday cake last year. I wanted a dinosaur cake, I looked on the internet and found several I wanted to try. BUT, Luke ultimately got to choose which one he wanted. He chose the one that to him looked most like a dinosaur. And it turned out great! 

My nap mats were inspired through the internet, but I put my own touch to them. And they really are great mats. I've made several for my friends and a couple for my two year old. 

I hope you enjoy seeing my posts and maybe learn something about me and even gather your own inspirations from here.