Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Construction Zone Party

Yes, Luke's birthday isn't until the very END of May, but I have to start getting ready for it because otherwise I won't be able to find the supplies to make the party great (at least not at a reasonable price). I went online today to Birthday Direct and got a very good deal on Construction Zone plates, cups, napkins, hard hats, stickers, a table cloth, and goody bags. I'm VERY excited about his birthday.

Luke and I went online today to see about what type of cake he'd like (and as with any 2 1/2 year old he COULDN'T decide which cake he wanted). Here are some ideas I have that I'm going to ATTEMPT to make!

Who knows what I'll actually make!

I also found some cute decorating tips online that I'm going to use. I think we're going to have the party OUTSIDE since it is the end of May and shouldn't be too hot. It'll also make for an easy clean-up afterward.

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