Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Wreath

I wanted an Easter wreath and I saw so many beautiful, yet expensive, wreaths in the stores. So, I ventured out and decided to buy the flowers, eggs, and noodle (YES...POOL NOODLE) to make my wreath. I think it turned out very well........considering! 

First, I strung a wire through the middle of the noodle and looped it together to hold it's shape. Then, I took Dollar Tree flowers with the Easter Eggs and stuck them through the noodle. I used florist tape to hold to go around the noodle and hold the ends of the flowers together. I was short on flowers and didn't feel like going to the store to buy more, so I used a LARGE pink ribbon that was left over from a baby shower that my mother-in-law and I hosted a while back to place at the bottom.

My opinion..........it turned out great! As a friend of mine pointed out though, it's FUNNY to see it on MY front door because we bought the house 3 1/2 years ago from a Jewish family!

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